Also, let’s try this, because why not?

There is always so much to do. Ordinarily I don't like to procrastinate- but when a good idea comes to mind, sometimes it's hard not to act on it… Like making your cow baby-tweenager wear a saddle. Which he greatly … Continue reading

It’s been a while. Let’s try this again. But with goats.

Whilst working in the office I heard the sweet pitter-patter of little… wait, what is that?! Ahhhh the sweet pitter-patter of little CLOVEN feet. And one bigger set of cloves. *New house goals: keep all doors closed. It's like we … Continue reading

This is a nice look… Thanks Old Navy

It’s one thing to rock the first/second trimester hair-tied button look but it’s another to have a busted zipper as well and all that’s left to hold your pants up is Β your muffin top. That’s hot.

This is an embarrassing moment(s) in the works.